Bet365 Offers

Bet365 run a great range of fantastic offers including a channel 4/1 offer for fans on horse racing in the UK to a special bore draw special for football fans who want a cash refund if the game ends 0-0

Bet365 Channel 4/1 offer

This is a gret offer for fans of uk horse racing. simply put all you have to do is make a bet on any UK horse race being broadcast on channel 4 with odds of 4/1 or greater. If your horse wins outright then you win a free bet on the next race up to the same value. The maximum is a whopping £50 free bet! As with all bet365 offers you free bet is used as cash meaning you get your stake back in any winnings making it even more value for money. Remember if your horse does win then you must use your OWN MONEY in the next race, if your horse then loses it will be refunded as cash. If your horse in the next race wins then you receive another free bet and you repeat the process on the next race. IF you win a free bet on the last race of the day then the offer is carried over to the next day or whenever the next channel 4 live race is. Remember to read the terms and make a screenshot of them, make sure you understands them fully. sometimes offers like this can be confusing to new players and it may cost them money so take your time, even start of doing smaller bets if you don’t feel comfortable. Alternatively email or phone bet365 customer support. they are available round the clock and are very responsive.


Bore Draw

This offer is available on all games, Get your bet refunded as cash if the game finish 0-0. This offer applies to FGS, CS and a few other markets. Read the terms to find out exactly what games this applies to and which markets.

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